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A crucial part of recovery is developing the right skills that will enable you to provide for you and
your family. This will also equip you to live independently, if this is the right path for you. Our skills workshops are delivered with a holistic approach in mind and in partnership with the local
community, where you can build lasting relationships for your future after refuge.

The workshops cover a wide variety of skills, from those that will help you earn a living to essential coaching that will help you manage the day-to-day competently.

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Our workshops focus on making products that can provide individuals with a steady income that requires little outlay. Products such as dishwashing liquid and bath foam are often in high demand among hotels, restaurants, and schools, and the communities we live in. 


Offering the basic principles of making products at home, our workshop takes individuals through the basics of running a business, marketing, branding, label design, and safe materials handling.  We provide all the raw materials and products needed and supervise the production and packaging for 20 liters of 2 products.

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Safety Awareness training assists our survivors to develop situational awareness and thereby instilling more confidence in themselves and their surroundings.  Additionally, it enables women to survive and escape without injury should they find themselves in a harmful (physical) situation.


Often, those who have experienced the trauma of gender-based violence lack confidence in their decision-making skills.  These classes are designed to help restore confidence and provide additional support for the recovery journey. 

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