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Our Story

Dealing with current challenges requires problem-solvers who contribute different perspectives and are able to convert empathy into action. Bertha Matabela was a woman of compassion, honor, and generosity, whose actions spoke as loud as her words. She opened her home to those in need, always willing to offer shelter while facilitating the acquisition of a life-sustaining skill. Out of a desire to reach those in need of support and continue aiding the less fortunate, Bertha's Legacy was established.


Our goal is to maintain Bertha’s work in Zimbabwe and beyond, by not only helping people remove themselves from unbearable circumstances, but also providing support, advocacy, tools, and resources to empower them deal with the painful issues impacting their lives.

We’re an organisation driven by progressive ideas, bold actions, and a strong foundation of support.

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Our Mission

Bertha’s Legacy mission is to fund, support, shelter, and empower women in crisis due to gender-based violence. 

Our Vision

We envision a society where human rights are observed, and every human is treated with respect and dignity. We aspire to lead a generation that is courageous enough to stand fearlessly against any kind of injustice and human rights violations. Rebuilding communities is our primary goal so that victims feel respected and rightly taken care of. We aim to make them independent enough to survive on their own.


Empowerment ~Compassion ~ Respect ~ Transparency ~ Accountability~ Making a tangible difference ~ Delivering  hope ~ Building Relationships


Committed to the Cause

Image of Sithembile Chigwada

Sithembile Chigwada

Image of Kasim Bey

Kasim Bey

Image of Zanele Bey

Zanele Bey

Image of Mazvita Kubwalo

Mazvita Kubwalo

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