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We’re proud to introduce our projects, which are fundraisers, meetings, and challenges that are designed to sponsor our support services in a fun and engaging way. We put on a variety of events and offer activities throughout the year, so stay updated and join us. We’d love to see you there!



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Safety Awareness Class

Date: June 24th, 2023

Venue: Harare CBD


Economic Empowerment Workshop

Date: TBD

Venue: Harare CBD



Lady receiving self-defense instruction

Safety Awareness Class

We hold Saftey Awareness classes monthly. Bertha's Legacy and Bertha's Place work together with partners to host a two-hour safety awareness event. Twenty-five survivors of gender-based violence and domestic abuse are introduced to safety awareness. The topics covered include:

  • Awareness

  • Boundary setting

  • Risk reduction and avoidance

  • Verbal skills and strategies to avoid conflict

  • Physical skills to stop assault

  • Recognising criminal ploys and tricks

  • Fitness

  • Yoga and Breathing techniques

These classes help build and restore  our ladies' self-confidence.  

Sponsored Weight Loss

During the month of August, our very own Thembi Chigwada undertook the Pound for Pound challenge. This was a sponsored weight loss challenge with a target loss of 10 lbs. We are happy to say she absolutely SMASHED this target and lost a total of 12 lbs!

Thembi raised a total £700 for our cause while getting healthy.


We hope to have more healthy challenges that other team members will join in on. 

Unrecognizable African-American woman stepping on the bathroom scale.

Economic Empowerment workshop

Our Economic Empowerment Workshops  were held on September 19th & 20th, and Dec 1st & 2nd. Bertha's Legacy worked together with partners to host two-day workshops. Twenty survivors of gender-based violence and domestic abuse were prepared for running a home-based business.  The ladies received instruction in Financial Literacy, Marketing, Branding, and Chemical Handling. Product names and tag lines were chosen and labels were designed for their products: Dishwashing Liquid and Bath Foam. Under expert supervision, our ladies prepared and packaged their first batches of product. They left as proud owners of a home-based business and ready to trade.

Participants of workshop
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