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Bertha’s Place 

Bertha’s Place is a women’s shelter in Zimbabwe that provides emergency housing and accommodation for victims of domestic abuse.


Our shelter offers a secure environment where women, and their children under 12, can feel safe from harm. Where we give individuals, and families, a space to think clearly without judgement or malice.


At our shelter, we offer a variety of support services, from counselling to recovery planning and new skill development, that allow individuals to reconnect with their needs to define a better future. 


In our refuge you will have regular meals, the use of a furnished bedroom, plus access to communal areas, such as a lounge, kitchen, garden, and laundry area, that you will share with other residents.

What to Expect When You First Arrive

On your first day, our support staff will help you complete an admission form, which captures information about your circumstances, so we can provide the best possible care for your recovery.  

Staff will also ask you to sign a Housing Agreement and will take you through the House Rules. These are designed to keep you and the other residents at our shelter safe.

Once this is completed, our friendly team will show you around the facilities, introduce you to other residents, and explain the support services available before getting you settled.


Initial Assessment 

During your first few days in the shelter, you will be assigned a dedicated, on-hand support worker who is available to offer support and guidance throughout your stay.


They will help you develop a recovery plan, which includes access to a counsellor and provides a place where you can discuss emotional struggles that you need support with.

Recovery Plan

With the help of your support worker and a counsellor, you will draw up a recovery plan that will define actions surrounding your health, relationships, and more, depending on your specific needs. 

Your support worker will then meet with you regularly through key-working sessions to discuss how your plan is going. This is an opportunity for you to raise any issues and share how you are feeling.

Your Children

Living in a shelter presents a difficult time for all, including your children. Following an initial assessment with the parent, each child over 6 can access one-to-one sessions with a counsellor.

During this session, the counsellor will give your child the opportunity to discuss their thoughts and feelings to provide them with methods that help them handle these emotions. 

The main priority is listening to your child, offering them support, and using the session to determine if they need further assistance in their recovery. 


Skills Development

A crucial part of recovery is developing the right skills to enable you to provide for yourself and your family. This will also equip you to live independently if this is the right path for you. 

Our skills workshops are delivered with a holistic approach in mind. They work in partnership with the local community, allowing you to build lasting relationships for your future after your refuge.

The workshops cover a different skills, from those that will help you earn a living, to essential coaching that will help you manage the day-to-day competently.

Your Rights
Confidentiality Our confidentiality agreement ensures that we will not share information about you or your children with anyone outside Bertha's Place without your permission. The only time that this would not be followed would be if we had major concerns about your safety or if we believed your children were at risk.

Privacy We want to give you as much privacy as possible and will only enter your room with your permission. The only time this would not apply is if we were concerned for your safety, if we believed that you might be breaking the House Rules, or if urgent repairs were needed in the room.

Consultation You have the right to be consulted about any changes to your Housing agreement, House Rules or any policy that might affect your stay with us. 

Complaints We believe that you have the right to complain if you feel that you or your children are not receiving proper support during your stay

House Rules
Bertha’s place has a duty of care to doing everything we can to ensure that the Home is a safe and comfortable place for all residents and staff. Residents are required to contribute to the safety and comfort of the environment by obeying house rules which will be provided during the intake process. 

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